Patient Experience


After two unsuccessful years of IVF and IUI with a previous Doctor, my mom found Dr. Abae! In 2014 we met with Dr. Abae and his team in January, by February we were starting our IVF cycle and by March we did our transfer. One day before my birthday, I got the call from Nelly… IM PREGNANT!!!!

Thank you all for the best miracle in the world! My son is one now and I still cant believe how blessed my husband and I are.

– Megan Toueg Beltran

We want to thank you all at Fertility & Genetics for making our dream a reality! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 11/14/14 weighing 6lbs 11oz and 20in long. We named her Ayana. We couldn’t thank you and the team enough for the support and help you gave to make this happen!

– Asif & Stefanie

For over 8 years, trying to start a family felt nearly impossible for my husband and me. We tried month after month yet, we would only get the same unwanted results. The heart break, sadness, and the constant questioning as to why we were face to face with such complication all became a part of our daily life. During the month of September 2011, I attended an IVF seminar given by Fertility & Genetics Dr. Mick Abae and Dr. Harold Rodriguez. I was convinced that these were the doctors that were finally going to make our dream come true of starting a family. At this seminar they enrolled us in a raffle for a free IVF cycle and gave us an appointment for our free consultation. When we arrived at the consultation the staff and doctors were amazing. They were all so kind and helpful. We were told that IVF was our only hope of having a baby. We were blessed by being the winners of the raffle. This was the beginning of a whole new life and experience as we had the staff’s and doctors support all throughout the journey. After our first cycle we were finally pregnant and Due on October 3rd, 2012 with a baby boy. What we had tried for so many years and gained doubt in our ability was finally accomplished. Words do not begin to explain how grateful we are for all their help and for giving us our little miracle that is slowly on its way. It is truly a blessing to be given the opportunity that these beautiful individuals have provided to our families and ourselves.

– With Much Love Always, Jessica & Ernest

We had been trying to get pregnant for 20 years. My wife had multiple surgeries for fibroids and endometriosis. We tried IVF 5 times, as well as several IUI cycles with different doctors in the area. Dr. Abae diagnosed and corrected a uterine septum problem and we got pregnant on the first IVF try. At other clinics we never got a straight answer and it was not possible to get individualized treatment. I remember they would line up several patients in a row and everybody would get the same fast answer right before embryos were transferred. With Dr. Abae every step of the way was individualized and there was always ample time to ask talk; we are having twins.

– S. and C., England

It was a great experience with Dr. Abae. I had done 3 IVF cycles elsewhere. Other doctors had seen a problem with my womb, but Dr. Abae did surgery to correct it. The personalized care from the staff is great, Dr. Rodriguez was wonderful. The first cycle did not work and I was very sad, but I’m the don’t give up” patient. In the next cycle they retrieved less eggs than in the previous one. Dr. Rodriguez was using a new culture medium. I cried when I only had two embryos for transfer, but Dr. Abae said: ” Why are you crying? We’ ve got the best two embryos ever”. He was right, my child is beautiful.

Ailen and myself would like to thanks you guys so much for all your help every on there was so nice you guys made us feel like we know each other for ever more like family/friends.

– Stephen & Ailen