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New and exciting developments have taken place in our practice and we ask for a moment of your time to give you a brief update.

We have been successful in decreasing IVF costs and facilitating patient access. Our most popular Multi-cycle IVF plan was developed specifically to deliver affordable high quality IVF. Since 2011, patients in this plan have achieved a remarkable overall greater than 75% cumulative clinical pregnancy rate with up to three embryo transfers. These results are the product of highly individualized and safe stimulation methods, more efficient embryo culture systems, highly reliable freezing techniques, and have been accomplished with an approximate average of two embryos transferred.

Eight years ago we started our Oocyte freezing program. This technology has quickly become an important option for many women. Oocytes can be frozen at peak reproductive age to allow more freedom and flexibility over reproductive choices.

Embryo Chromosomal Screening currently provides results for all 46 chromosomes. This is especially useful in couples at greater risk for genetic disorders since it allows us to select chromosomally normal embryos resulting in more viable pregnancies.

We truly appreciate your trust in allowing us to help with your fertility care. Our philosophy of unique personal and individualized medical attention is open to everyone requiring our assistance in starting a family.

Fertility and Genetics
IVF Cumulative Clinical Pregnancy Rate* with up to 3 Embryo Transfer Attempts
IVF Multicycle Plan Results: Jan, 2011 – Dec. 2015

*A Clinical Pregnancy is defined as the identification of a fetal sac with a heart beat via ultrasound at 8 weeks into pregnancy. Not all clinical pregnancies result in a baby.

FACT: Most IVF patients will need more than one cycle to have a baby. Fertility & Genetics can increase your chances of success while decreasing your financial risk.

Insurance Carriers

Fertility & Genetics works with several insurance carriers and will assist you in verifying all benefits that may be utilized at our facility.

  • AvMed
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Best Choice
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care

Fertility Financing options are available through: